For more than 10 years cooperating in projects in delivering right quality software in different roles, different technologies and different level of projects. Breaks quo status. Tries to be technology agnostic. Believes that everything is possible, it`s just the matter of cost and effort. Understands business aspects of delivering software with relation to expected level of quality under it. Nowadays he works as a consultant and evangelist meeting with challenges of a scale and engineering culture, focused on delivering in an effective way. Speaker and trainer from years at conferences like Quality Excites (originator), AADays, Testing Cup, Test Warez. Member of PW-SAT team for almost 2 years working on on-board computer of cube-sat development.  Fun of XP and Lean mindset. Looking forward to expand DevOps culture in software development. In private life amator drummer, beer maker, football player and happy father.

Daniel Dec